Sincerely speaking, it takes some level of backup and little flickers of sentiments in me not to get angry at that statement, ” I miss you”, but somewhere in my head when someone says I miss you especially when they have been saying it over and over again and round and round and it not still changed their actions and inactions towards me, I’m just like , okay bless up bro. To some ” I miss you” has still not lost it savor, for them it a way of conveying their heart desires , it more like a way to assure the other person that even though things seems rough and they can’t hold hands again like before, the person has not lost their space in their heart, but to some it is just a statement, they will  just be shouting I miss you and miss you up and  down as if its competition and their attitudes will still not change. Issokay oh, you know yourself oh, it not about words actually, sometimes little actions speaks more words that you will ever have to say, change if you need to, and just know the word ” miss” has more than one meaning and I might choose  to understand you out of context.

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