Its a new week, another time to do it differently, another chance to do more, another wave to flow through, coping with old challenges, setting shock absorbers against new ones. Its the official work week, its the Monday with its serious vibes. Its funny how Sunday actually marks the beginning of a new week, but for us it is too calm and relaxing a day to be all serious. Monday is the one with such effect. So just here to give you  some sweet Monday pills, let’s thank God  for our life, for that is our hope marker. So  this week, our watchword is appreciation. We would take time out from our busy schedules to appreciate everyone in our little way. Everyone that has influenced your life in one way or the other, it could be a call, a text, a status update on WhatsApp, a gift, a promise , whatsoever it is  to put a smile on someone’s face today. Let give our hearts some good pills of sweetness, you don’t know who really needs this now . Be an helping hand today, help in the ways you have never been helped, love more, shun gossip, despise hatred, just tune yourself in with good music, sway and express contagious good vibes and when you are asked , what’s wrong, because people believe happiness comes from what you own, you let them know , Happiness is from within and this is your Monday pill. Never forget you are loved and you sure can do more.


4 thoughts on “Monday Pills

  1. Hey girl, thanks for this word of advice. It’s good to be appreciative and I bless your beautiful soul for this!

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