There is really no one who loves to miss out of good things, as the kind of friends we keep, what we see, who we follow, whose opinion matters the most influences our life, we one way or other make decisions that may not benefit our life or make us grow but in the bid to keep up and not miss out , we go through with these decisions and end up messing things up.

Oh, I can’t be left out, I also want to be among, I want to stand out, I want to buy too, the list of unending wants gotten from the existing standards of certain person’s achievements or level of living has put many people in trouble. It’s really okay that you can’t afford some things at the moment, you shouldn’t persecute yourself for that. Many have lost their lives, means of livelihood, purpose, dreams because they have cut their coat to another man’s size and not theirs.

Its high time you call yourself to attention.

Know this:

People who have plans for their lives don’t worry about missing out.

People who have prioritized needs, wants, desires, don’t have issues with missing out on few things.

People who have self confidence and worth , don’t disturb themselves with distractions.

People who know who they want to become in life and have counted the cost, know missing out can be an option sometimes.

Who no like better thing right, but if you can’t afford it at that time, would you respect yourself enough to look away , or you will sacrifice your dignity just for anything?.

I’m not saying , you shouldn’t aim high in life or move with people who propel you to grow more , but I’m saying , you should settle for what you can afford, don’t go around impressing people who don’t even see you or can neither save you when the consequences of your actions starts rushing in. Give yourself treats as your pocket allows.

I remember one time I had few cash on me , I was turn in between constant outing and shopping with some of my friends or using the money for a project , I just weighed it , and I realized , the project was more important, my friends in quote said quite a number about me but I never cared, I gave myself my affordable treats and boom when the result of the project came out, they were amazed.

Don’t put your life, dreams, goals on the line to impress anybody because at the end, you will realize ” Na only you waka come”.

4 thoughts on “No one loves to miss out!.

  1. Miss out today, turn up tomorrow.
    Many a times too, its good to view it from this angle – whatever else it is you opted for in place of what you’re missing out, your other friends missed out of that too.
    So better choose what you’re missing out on. Miss out on the minors and focus on the importants.

    Well done

    1. This is very insightful sir, thank you
      ” Miss out on the minors, focus on the importants” , excellent piece.

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