There is absolutely no one who finds joy in not being loved, cared for, approved of, pampered by another, even the most difficult person you know has a soft spot and a dying ache to love and be loved in return.

Being human comes with embracing others, connecting, networking, having quality relationships in all levels that gives a fulfilling pleasure. As a social beings there is something about being loved, being approved of , that gives us this sense of acceptance, sometimes we can liken it with low self esteem especially when it goes overboard, but there is just something in you that wants the smiling faces of those you love, nod their heads about a job well done by you.

You are aware that  there are certain persons in your lives that you wish silently would give you attention , or love you like you love them, or even be with you as you wish to be  with them, maybe approve of you, and when this person or persons don’t, whether they are within our reach or not its like nothing else matters, we feel broken, unloved, etc how then do you let go of the hurt that comes with this and embrace your own and every other person that truly cares.

First of all, learn to accept it, some of us struggle at this stage, and if we don’t sit ourselves down and face this truth, we might not get past the hurt. Accept it. If someone cares for you before and no longer does accept the new development. Don’t start harbouring wrong emotions and or feel worthless, or feel there is no one out there who would care for you like that again. Be mature enough to let people make their choice.


Know your own worth, some surround themselves with so many people so as to see who they are through them, and if they don’t see what they are looking for , they feel threatened. Know yourself first all, who you are , what you stand for, your strength, your weaknesses, your goals, know these things, embrace it, love up on yourself, approve of yourself before anybody else comes along. In that way you will learn to naturally produce inner peace and satisfaction for yourself.

Deal with your insecurities and esteem.

Open your eyes to those that truly care for you, there are amazing friends that you have, amazing family members that would go any miles for you, why not take pleasure in them and also give back in return. The truth is our eyes are always closed to the miracles in our lives and opened to the ones we can’t have .

Stop forcing relationship, stop clamoring for acceptance. Learn to let things work out their own way. If someone doesn’t include you in their life or shows no sign of effort to be in your life, don’t sweat it. Just let it be, and let go of any hurt, pain, ache that might come to you. Stop creating unnecessary pain for yourself.

Not everyone would love you, or even see your worth or even care to know about you, learn to do that for yourself and also cherish anyone that does that for you.

Now, put your weaknesses in check, be sure you are not your own problem.

Understand people have their own problems, and might be dealing with one thing or the other that would not be known to you.

Know there is absolutely nothing wrong if some set of persons don’t love you. That’s their choice, don’t make it a big deal. Create beauty out of your life and enjoy it.


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