Have ever been around friends, that make you feel you are not just enough, ever been in a relationship and he or she makes you feel like you don’t just add up, and you think so low of yourself, and feel you are not that important because someone feels so, I mean a feeling or action and you let that override the overwhelming consciousness that there is one of you in this entire world, and you forget that we all are entitled to our own opinion.

I think it would be nice if you had an opinion of yourself, your goals, your plans, so when someone else shares their opinion, you can either accept or reject. Own up, own yourself, no one has the right to actually make you feel less of yourself except those you allow though, so own it and don’t allow anyone dictate your state of mind, let go of those that depreciate you, embrace yourself and everyone that gives you joy and just look around, Happiness is free, stop paying huge price for it.

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