Goal getters.

Goal ball!, I watched my dad and his friends jubilate over the ongoing game on the TV screen, they sounded so excited.

This particular game made me liken my set goals and the magic I expect to make them work out without me putting in the work needed. Just imagine if the footballer didn’t shoot the shot, it would be out of place to say goal ball.

Yet we all want the sound of victory in our life without fighting any battle.

We grow up with big dreams, there is a strong yearning in us to be more but some of us do so little to make that happen.

Where we fail

Do you know every area of your life is a relationship you must always try to nurture?, yet it is saddening that the only relationship some of us try to maintain is the one with others.

How is the relationship with your goals going?. This question popped up in my mind last three week while I was reading.

My answer was bad and that only paints the picture of a one sided relationship, I bet you know how unproductive and heartbreaking it can be.

Upon answering this question, I realised there was so much work to do, and the earlier the better.

We need every area of our life to work. Our health, finance, family, spiritual life, emotions, character. If you have a bad relationship with your finance, you would find it hard to get financial stability and it also affects your state of mind.

Everything is embedded in relationship and relationship moves forwards with defined goals.

Action moment.

Write out every area of your life on a clean sheet of paper.

Truthfully write what has become of it.

Set a new goal that you can achieve in a week time to make it better.

Be consistent, go through it at the end of the week, and grade yourself.

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