Double check
Double check
Learn to double check to avoid errors.

I thought I was washing!, Peter exclaimed, you could see the dismay written on his face. We were all laughing at him, but it got me thinking.

This was what happened. Peter put his dirty laundries in the washing machine, opened water , put soap, set timer and thought he had removed the switch from draining to washing. After waiting probably whistling around, watching movie, playing, with all the thought that he had washed his clothes and would just need to spin, he got his shock, that he had been doing absolutely nothing and he thought wrong.

It is funny right, because we all laughed, he even laughed at himself for making such errors and others too testified of one or two occasions when they made similar mistakes.

The question now is, it is obvious that thinking that everything is going smoothly and not doing a time to time check can be costly on our goals.

Some of us think like yes the plan is going well, or we think we have enough money to buy what we want in our account when those numerous transfers , charges, and airtime that we don’t regulate or check has eaten things knee deep, or we think we have what it takes instead of taking time to sharpen our skills and end up embarrassing ourselves along the way.

We don’t pause and recheck because it might not be going as well as we think.

Imagine if Peter came earlier than the time set to check the laundries he would have realized the error earlier and fixed it.

Always learn to do a double check on your goals, plans, and every step along the way, check and recheck , that shouldn’t done out of fear that you might get all wrong, it is more of  a step taken to achieve better results and make less errors.


5 thoughts on “Pause and double check, it might not be going as good as you thought.

  1. Nice write up, I am beginning to fall in love with your write up this days. Keep it up!!!
    But you had some typo errors though.
    God bless you.

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