• We all love having it good at all times, just enjoy the sweet bliss, the calmness, attention, love , care , money everything nice and easy and if we encounter any glitch its like the whole world is running out of time and we are the only ones to save the world and stop time. Pleasure is good yeah, but pressure nah, any situation that would make our heart beat faster than usual is forever condemned for eternal damnation, funny , we forget that those kind of situation actually make better and wiser that they both begin with letter ‘P’ and are pronounced alike at the end. You know pressures can be contained if handled in the right way. Pressure from home, work, parents, friends, decisions etc. Sometimes we feel like we need to come to a consensus really fast especially situations that look like they can get the better part of us if we don’t act fast,but still in this new year, Calm down. Most of us have made really terrible decisions in the name of I was just being put on pressure, or I just needed to act fast , and we regret, but its a new year now, let put all these stories behind us and learn from our mistakes in order to be better. So what do you when in pretty less pleasurable situations
    First of all, it would be very nice to calm down, breath in and out, might sound funny, but it works. Now analyse what the situation is, is it that serious, something that you have power to change or not, if it is something you can do nothing about , its better you just let it slide, instead of overworking your brain for nothing, you can talk to a friend about it if it would make you feel better, and have it at the back of your mind that it would pass. Whatsoever has a beginning would surely come to an end. Be sure of whatever decision you make if it means seeking for advice from those whose opinion you trust , you know most times, especially when you are put on pressure you end up doing what you don’t want, or saying what you don’t want, or even putting yourself in tight corners, see nothing or no one should steal your peace of mind, infact to be on the safer side, just say No, if you are not sure. I remember one time I got a job and I was to set timetable, the man in question was putting me on so much pressure that I just went ahead to set a very uncomfortable timetable and was suffering for over a month for it until I finally told myself enough was enough and then changed, although it made me look like an indecisive person considering situation but what can I do. So make for lay on no beds of regrets is to make better decisions and maybe the pressure was nothing after all.

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2 thoughts on “Pleasure and Pressure

  1. Anu I totally agree with you on this.. As humans we sometimes forget the power we possess,Regardless of the pressure at the moment we should always consider our peace and sanity.

    1. Thank you so much, pressure will surely come , teach us its lessons, but what remains of us is all that matters.

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