I have realized overtime that some of us are not satisfied with ourselves, achievements , growth or even plans in life , because we have chosen to get invisible marks of a job well done from some set of people with whom we have worked tirelessly to prove ourselves to, and these are people who do even have the capacity to understand our uniqueness let alone value its expression, and we often get sad and down whenever it looks as though we have not done enough to please them, trust me we need to desist from such pattern of thought.

You should stop trying to prove to anyone that you are better or worse than them, stop trying to get confirmation from anyone concerning your life, the one person you should prove to is your own self, and how do you do this, by being better , by being the better version of you everyday, by working towards achieving your own goals and plans without having to see yourself as a bundle of mistake because somebody somewhere who you are trying to prove to doesn’t feel impressed. Stop trying to prove to anyone that you mean something in life , No , stop trying to please anybody, stop trying to get anyone’s attention, just be yourself and stop trying to get approvals , life is too short to be living under the shadow of someone else.

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