One of the good steps I know I took for myself this new year was actually study the last year.

I made some time out to really search through the sea of information my brain and heart had to offer concerning last year and I began to weigh them, I strike through my mistakes , achievements, actions , inactions and there was one thing that kept raising it head and I knew I had to look into it , which was feelings, I realized my bad decisions the year before were mostly made out of emotions and not reasoning and that is exactly what I want to open your eyes to.

You know its so easy for us to make decisions, reply, react based on how we feel about the whole issue but some times our feelings are not the best judge of a matter, it is always wiser for us to reason, place good reasoning over anyhow you feel and that will be a good guide to what happens next.

Imagine being angry, so angry that you feel like just saying some hurtful words , feelings will tell you , say it , reasoning will tell you, to what extent? , what’s the point?, why should you hurt another person?, what will be the outcome?, won’t this relationship color be smeared?. But most times we just go with whatever we feel , we silence the inner voice of reasoning which averts problems and rather go for emotions which can be short lived but yet cause everlasting havoc.

There are some emotional troubles and indecision you might be facing right now that is just born out of your feelings now , you are asking yourself why you didn’t choose another option.

My candid advice to myself and to  you is that we reason well , and when emotions begins to slip in over our common voice of reasoning let us caution ourselves and do what’s right.

2 thoughts on “Reasoning over feelings

  1. you poured my thoughts all over the floor of this writings. you wrote everything I’ve been doing “reasoning ” and all the things I’ve been wanting to scream! to all.

    1. Thank you so much Tosin for the kind words , I just hope we all learn and not make mistakes we would have easily avoided.

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