It’s really fun for me right now recalling the high school memories I have of my friends. All our gists, arguments , our long road walk home just to spend more time together, we were a very happy clique. Living on the mainland in Lagos is truly a story on its own, so many things to laugh at, the one that really piques my attention now was all those signboards in front of uncompleted buildings, narrow roads, or even deserted spots and you will see inscriptions like ” Throw dirt here or you die” like I don’t get, it was always very funny for my friends and I then, or maybe spots that people have resorted to throwing their dirt at and some of landlords decides to tie red cloth around one long stick, with a post threatening to use some gods in destroying whoever did throws dirt again, hilarious. Trust lagosians, no chill, that is when the dirt will pile up the more. Now I am looking at the new idea of waste bins in some streets, so all you need do is throw your dirt in and that made me understand how important standard was.

Unlike the other archaic form of just threatening that people should not make a mess of a particular place to taking measures in ensuring a place is kept clean and it made me realise the level of quality you attach to your life is exactly what others will award to you. Some of us just go ahead screaming, I have values, treat me with respect , I am a man of standard , I am a young lady of principles but the truth is we are just ranting, because we are claiming to be all of these but our attitudes to ourselves says otherwise and even how we treat other people. So some persons just think you are a joke and keep doing whatever they want with you.

You need to have growth conscious principles, values, that you live by, you should set a standard and live it not set a standard and speak it. It is more of doing than talking. Don’t be comfortable with not having a certain level of quality attainment that you work with for your life, it won’t do you any good at the end.

No one is saying you should be rigid, unaccessible, saucy and proud those are not principles they are just sheer expressions of bitterness. I mean have healthy principles , values that guide different spheres of your life, your finance, spiritual life, emotions, academics, health, career, relationships,etc , they make your dreams and goals easier to achieve. Don’t just be anything goes. If they are truly good and right, it would be worth of emulation, it gives peace to you and quality specifics, and let it be open for excellent and positive readjustments. You will surprised at how things turn out for you.



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