Tim Maurer gave seasoned practicable wisdom  about money, life and the most overlooked difficult topics with such simplicity that anyone can understand.

5 practicable lessons on life and money from Tim Maurer , Simple Money.



”Wealth is only worth it if you find a way to give freely and abundantly give “ – Simple Money.

One of the evidence of lack mindset is not giving because you feel giving takes from you.  Don’t wait till you become Warren Buffet or Melinda Gates. In your own way ,space and ability cultivate the wealthy man’s mindset which begins with Giving.

Give , Give, and Give, not limited to money , duly note this!


Asking the right life questions

It’s so easy to be out of track or fall out but  if we can honestly ask ourselves some questions we can redirect not only our lives and steps to find out where our real values are and realize that they are not in things as the society paints it to be.


Estate & Legacy

For 20+plus years of my life, I always knew  I wanted to be that person my entire clan and generations to come is super proud of but I made a mistake of thinking legacy & estate as synonymous but in the real sense they are not.

Estate is what money can accumulate for you, what pleasures and leisure you can leave for your children to sustain while that can be good, the best is to leave them a legacy and legacy are a built value system.

Estate is what you leave, Legacy is who you leave, the bit of who you are and your values forever hedged in their hearts.
God forbid a child would decide sell all your assets because well “pops in not here anymore to complain”, what would be left?

So the question is what sort of legacy are you building for your children and the next generation. Lies or truth, Societal values or personal values?, what will their inheritance be, the same nothing you got or more?

The 3 guarantees of financial planning

This one lesson I started to recite like a kindergarten student just learning her ABC, Tim Maurer explained the three guarantees of financial planning.

Surprise, Change, Failure. The surprise you don’t plan for, the change you didn’t expect and the failure you thought could be avoided , all three are unavoidable but what’s the way out?

Surprise- Margin is prepared through sufficient emergency savings, putting aside an extra for groceries.

Change – Flexibility , death, loss are inevitable but we can prepare for them. Be quick to restrategize on what next.

Failure – Grace, don’t we all need grace. Just make sure you are failing forward and lean on  God’s grace to see you through.


The earlier you start saving towards retirement either your individual retirement account or maxing out your employers 401(k) the better for you.

Don’t forget this is not a perfect journey and I am proud of every step you are taking to be better.


You smell like money 💰 !





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