I know between the layers of each words, single, broke or broken, some of us have our lives unsatisfactorily weaved around them and we live holding to a single thread of hope?.

Is there really hope?.

Single for you might be surrounded but still alone, unable to connect to anyone else no matter how hard you try, old enough but finding it hard to mingle. Perhaps the stage of life where you just want to be left alone, or you are just flat out single?

Broke might be lacking in money for your basic needs, living with the frustration of being dependent on others to survive and taking whatever insult comes with it, loosing your job through the pandemic, or doing the impossible to make ends meet?

Broken lines itself for you on the loss of a loved one, or someone you cherish leaving you without explanation.

Maybe you are just unsatisfied with how things have turned out for you, the pain from holding on to a job you hate, trying to cope with the sorrow of not receiving as much love as you give, not knowing what to do next with your life or where to go whichever it is for you or i can’t even connect my writing which how much grief you are going through,

I want you to know that, your life can change for good. There is hope.

Being the change your life needs.

Breath in change.

You don’t have to keep up a bold face when within you are shattered, neither do you have to live each day like you are sinking, what you need now is be the change you desire.

Change your vocabulary

You might be wondering how this would help your life but what you don’t realize is your speech shapes your reality.

So if you keep saying, my life is out of control, or things are bad for me, so shall it be. That is not a curse, it is just that you become what you say.

So right now, let the first change begin with your speech.

Say I am great, God’s plans for me is beautiful, my life is going well and I am doing just fine.

Change your routine, do life differently.

There is nothing as gloomy as being fixed in a routine, it doesn’t bring soundness to the soul. Add spice and life to your routine and watch it brighten you. Instead of mindlessly scrolling on your phone, change it to helping someone out, taking a walk, going offline and just listening to good music.

Change your thinking pattern, activate the power of now.

To think of the future is good, but to be full of fear and anxiety towards it or be held down by the past is wrong. Life will be good, it would be totally fine for you, nobody’s opinion or societal observations determines your life. So let go of what anyone think you should be and be you.

Consciously live in the now, you would enjoy life better. Today is here, immerse yourself in it.

Don’t let the thoughts for tomorrow , take the reality of today from you.

Embrace the totality of who you are. Being different is your greatest asset.


Change your investments.

For a while now just like you, I have invested in tears, worries, pain, grief, grumbling, mindless chatting, anger, comparison but what has that got me?absolutely nothing.

It is time for an investment change. Start investing in what works ; Invest in your body, your soul, mind, spirit and other’s life. Invest in your goals, dreams, make them work.

Do what it takes to make your dream work.

Change your attitude towards others♥.

There is a little love over there that shows, love will be always be what we need. So today let go and let love lead you.

Life has not ended for you, in fact it just began. God has so much good in it for you.

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