It’s been a long time here for the both of us. There is so much to write about but I can’t seem to be able to pen one of it down, yet what keeps coming is the “sluggard in me must die”.

Life of a Sluggard


A sluggard is an habitually lazy person, laziness in itself is a whole breakfast, bread of stagnancy, sausage of excuses, tea/coffee of procrastination, doused with ham slices of binge watching and social media on a fine platter of baked beans of  retired goals while enjoying this with a myopic understanding of time. Well not a breakfast one should eat daily😭.

It enjoyable to just do nothing, just live as you want, eat whatever you want, sleep whenever you want, watch movie all day, all week yet this kind of lifestyle have chosen to give one temporary pleasure while storing up a more permanent consequence for the future.

I have been nothing but a sluggard these past few weeks while I enjoyed it, when I stare at the goals I have set and how they are just where they are because magic don’t make them achievable, i realized it’s high time I pick up and do something☹️.  Was I angry with myself , Yes! Yet I put the past where it belongs and make do i the new day I have now.

Break time is over. Success is a choice, we must make daily and it doesn’t come by doing whatever we want to do.

Most times it’s about doing what is right, what is needed, whether we feel like it or not and keep doing, shunning excuses because I tell you days would come when the passion and motivation is not there, it’s not everyday you would feel the rush & gush sometimes everything will just be silent , dull don’t be discouraged, keep doing, keep moving one even if it’s slowly, at your pace, with your vision in view. You can make it happen.

The hard truth is a sluggard is not useful to not only himself but those he is responsible to.

Stop sleeping, it’s time to sow.


Yours faithfully
A repenting sluggard.