Living life on your terms by enjoying your wins.

A step into the past My mind went as far as 9 years ago in my life. It was a school inter house sport practice on the field. We do this practice to prepare for our bi-annual inter house sport. I so much wanted to run for my house but I was really bad at it, while my mother had a long record of being a running champion I guess I didn’t get that from her and I wasn’t bothered a bit. But now to the fact that I sincerely wanted to run, but every time I tried I came 4th or 5th. For it was disturbing, I just wanted to be part of the first three. The decision that changed m


How to achieve your 2021 goals effectively.

Happy New year to you all. I am happy to have let the hook off 2020. Aside the seasons and times that marks a new beginning for us. We all in one way or the other had a mental checkout of 2020. 2021: A goal in view. We all have goals for the New year, maybe just three days into the new year you already lost all your big vibe and motivation when reality came crashing down or the unexpected popped up, don’t you worry, it’s not over.   5 Questions that will help you achieve your 2021 goals. The WH question readiness You remember the WH questions, what,