How to change your mindset in the most exciting 5 ways that works.

Your mind is very powerful. It is the most useful tool you have. It can stop you from realizing your dreams or push you to realizing your dreams. If you yearn to be in charge of your life, take control of your mind, live a rich and satisfying life then this is just what you need. The mind power is composed of your attention, your mental images and thoughts. The flow of thoughts is  powerful enough to keep you isolated from the rest of the world. Our thoughts affects our body and mind. For example, when you have fearful thoughts, you become fearful but when yo


Useful Tips On ‘How To Stop’ Comparing Yourself To Others.

Comparing yourself to others on any level hinders you from living fully. It is one of the ways we shortchange our life. It is intriguing that you know you shouldn't compare yourself with another person but you just can't help it. The sad part of comparison is that it doesn't come alone. The moment you start comparing yourself to another, you begin to find yourself in a web of bitterness, resentment, jealousy , anger and feeling so less of yourself and unmotivated. It is like buy one, get one free. What you must know is, it is not the end of life. it is not only yo