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Financial Abundance : Creating the right balance for a fulfilling life.

Financial Abundance is the balance your life needs. It is the right balance between gratitude, contentment and desire. I always thought financial abundance means more money but that’s definitely not all abundance is all about. You know we always want more, there is never a stage in our life when we feel we have done enough or we should just take time to rest or even appraise ourselves because we keep on comparing! Come off it! There is a side of financial abundance that has to do with your mind . It is not some lie you tell yourself rather a choice of thought you ha


3 ways gratitude can help you pull the plug off depression and connect to happiness.

  The year that has certainly being an handful is coming to an end soon. Preparing our hearts for daily thanksgiving for the remaining part of this year and beyond is a life skill we must have and cherish if we want to stay happy. Whatever the year has been for you, dust depression off your heart. Let go of the ache from failure and unmet expectations and embrace ways you can be happy in and out. 3 ways gratitude can help you end depression and live happy. My research made me know that gratitude is from the Latin word “gratus” which means pleasing, tha


How to take care of your mental health in the midst of life crisis in 2020.

None of us has ever had a year as this. You know how you feel so excited about doing a particular job because it looks so endearing and full of good resources and when you got to the middle you already want out, sincerely sometimes that’s how I feel about the year. I can’t of course loose sight of a number of reasons to give thanks and be hopeful in my heart but the ills, problems, losses many of us had to take in sometimes might seem to outweigh the good but in all things never let thanksgiving to be taken from you. What is 2020 looking like for you? The occurrenc


How to change your mindset in the most exciting 5 ways that works.

Your mind is very powerful. It is the most useful tool you have. It can stop you from realizing your dreams or push you to realizing your dreams. If you yearn to be in charge of your life, take control of your mind, live a rich and satisfying life then this is just what you need. The mind power is composed of your attention, your mental images and thoughts. The flow of thoughts is  powerful enough to keep you isolated from the rest of the world. Our thoughts affects our body and mind. For example, when you have fearful thoughts, you become fearful but when yo