How to stop complaining and start living the life you love.

I would stop this job, what has this work given me since I started it, I wake up at 5 am every day sometimes I come on weekends because Oga instructed me to, and at the end of the year, I don’t even have anything to show for it. As Mrs. Bills continued to complain, it is not strange to see that nobody was paying her any attention because with no exaggeration, this is like an everyday mantra she says, we have advised her to take the next step in her life but she chooses to complain and do nothing so now we all just let her be.  Mrs. Bills is the oldest staff in our

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Financial Abundance : Creating the right balance for a fulfilling life.

Financial Abundance is the balance your life needs. It is the right balance between gratitude, contentment and desire. I always thought financial abundance means more money but that’s definitely not all abundance is all about. You know we always want more, there is never a stage in our life when we feel we have done enough or we should just take time to rest or even appraise ourselves because we keep on comparing! Come off it! There is a side of financial abundance that has to do with your mind . It is not some lie you tell yourself rather a choice of thought you ha


Dear 20’s.

Being a child is so beautiful, no problems, no responsibilities, just you living off everyone and happy about it but when the table turns with every situation looking like they are tailored to slowly cripple you. it might be the best time to take a pause and see how to walk through life a victor as 20+. What does 20+ feel like? It feels good to be 20+ plus yet it describes a stage of life that makes some of us let life pass us by because we are chasing what others want and not what we want or who we are. This is stage of trying to find who you are, what you are pas


Single, Broke or Broken; How to change your life for good.

I know between the layers of each words, single, broke or broken, some of us have our lives unsatisfactorily weaved around them and we live holding to a single thread of hope?. Is there really hope?. Single for you might be surrounded but still alone, unable to connect to anyone else no matter how hard you try, old enough but finding it hard to mingle. Perhaps the stage of life where you just want to be left alone, or you are just flat out single? Broke might be lacking in money for your basic needs, living with the frustration of being dependent on others to


Useful Tips On ‘How To Stop’ Comparing Yourself To Others.

Comparing yourself to others on any level hinders you from living fully. It is one of the ways we shortchange our life. It is intriguing that you know you shouldn't compare yourself with another person but you just can't help it. The sad part of comparison is that it doesn't come alone. The moment you start comparing yourself to another, you begin to find yourself in a web of bitterness, resentment, jealousy , anger and feeling so less of yourself and unmotivated. It is like buy one, get one free. What you must know is, it is not the end of life. it is not only yo