How not to compromise.

If you are my best friend, this shouldn’t be hard for you to do. You would do anything for those you care about, she said fuming with anger and disbelief. Ashley has been my friend since our Kindergarten and I sincerely love her but she has this nasty attitude of belittling and bringing people down that I don’t like, I have cautioned her in love several times but it becomes worst, her new trick is that I join her in daily body shaming Cynthia the new girl in our class, she even chose the words we would say, from fat goose to shapeless thing, and all these her you-would-do

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Simple Money by Tim Maurer : 5 Practicable Lessons about life & Money to know in 2021..

Tim Maurer gave seasoned practicable wisdom  about money, life and the most overlooked difficult topics with such simplicity that anyone can understand. 5 practicable lessons on life and money from Tim Maurer , Simple Money.   Giving ”Wealth is only worth it if you find a way to give freely and abundantly give “ - Simple Money. One of the evidence of lack mindset is not giving because you feel giving takes from you.  Don’t wait till you become Warren Buffet or Melinda Gates. In your own way ,space and ability cultivate the wealthy man’s mindset which begins


3 ways to enjoy your relationships better in this love season.

Love Season, Healthier Relationships. Happy Valentine’s Day Lovelies. I know you want your relationships to do better. If you truly want to not only enjoy relationship with yourself but then this article is for you. 3 ways to enjoy your relationships Self Harmony We begin to loose touch with one another in our relationships when we are more about finding peace with each other than finding it within our own self. Harmony is from inside out not outside in and the frustration is more heightened because we always feel broken when the other person is not giving us the pe