You matter to you, always have a conversation with you – Ann

Every human being, whether young or old is designed to interact with one another, communication is one of our tools as social beings. We hold different conversations with different people everyday on different topics in different places. We have our gist partners, best Friends, girlfriends, etc. But it will be bad if we hold conversations with every other person and not ourselves.You need to hold conversation with yourself , yes with you. Some of us talk to other people about everything on every topic yet we never sit ourselves down to interact, that is why some of us face lots of problems and it seems like everything is weighing down on us, if we would just have a talk with ourselves , we would see things more clearly and have direction to move ahead.

If you want to move forward in life and actually achieve, your opinion matters a whole lot, you should learn to plan , strategize, think and talk with yourself. Put you first, don’t just go ahead with what everyone says, sieve information, ask yourself questions, weigh ideas, in this way you will actually improve your own life, build self esteem and confidence. Now learn to be truthful to yourself, some people will not only lie to other people, they would even lie to thier own self, how pathetic. Learn to tell yourself the truth, be plain with yourself, don’t hide from your own self, in this way you are making progress in finding yourself and in finding you, there is purpose.

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