Self-love is not being selfish.

Self-love is a duty to your own self. To love, cherish, respect, esteem you in all things. It is well expressed in how you behave to and with yourself and helps you to take steps in being a better version of yourself everyday.

How can you live life without loving it but self-love is being tainted with what it is not and thus making it loose its golden touch.

What are the self-love lies.

The lies of self-love are embedded in the mind of persons who are self-absorbed. These are persons who are ultimately selfish but hide under the umbrella of self-love.

3 ways you are becoming self-absorbed and how you can change.

Your opinion

Only your opinion is the best. No one else view matters except yours. It is either they take your advice, see things your own way or no opinion at all.

Other’s fault

You never take responsibility for your actions. If anything goes wrong, it has to be someone’s fault and that person is definitely not you.

Your welfare

It is always the only me time. You don’t look out for anyone else, nor lend helping hands. If it is not going to profit you, then it is not yours.

All of the aforementioned are not  expression of self-love, and if you can find traces of your attitude in it, you must take steps to become better or keep wandering why your relationships never last.

You can’t be always right. Maturity is accepting others can think too and their opinion matters. Acknowledge your fault when you do wrong and be quick to apologize and you must also know true love is sacrifice and the world definitely doesn’t revolve around you.

Sometimes, put yourself in someone’s shoe.


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