Привет- Holla -Hi, it’s really good to have such amazing persons ready to give a second language a try, they are always a step ahead to discovering unlimited opportunities.

Language as we all know connects us together, imagine we have a world where we are the only ones who understand ourselves, such bedlam!. Language is the medium through which we communicate our feelings, emotions, ideas, intentions, plans, etc.

English language is the official language and of course we have our native language to boast of , but why not step up your game with a foreign language, do it the smart people’s way because here in Nigeria and beyond , Russian language has come to stay.

Today in our learning series, we would be having the knowledge of expressing ourselves in a different way.

Help me

English language has downplayed the emotions and needs this particular statement convey, to express yourself better, try this

I’m sure someone is pronouncing (pomorute m n e), don’t worry that’s why you are learning, you see that “П” is actually pronounced “p”  in Russian language, looks like ‘n’ right and the “Г” is “g” not ” r”as this series goes on you will learn more.


Sometimes just saying beautiful does not satisfy the intensity of the astonishment we have gotten from someone’s looks or outfit, let’s do it the Russian way

So she is beautiful is Она Красивая- pronounced as “Ana oops, H is ‘n’ in Russian language, who is getting excited, so its Ana Kracivaya” , well B as you know is”  V ” in Russian.

Note: This applies to only females.

I love you

Oh! with Valentine on the way, I’m sure this statement is in trouble, don’t be like every other person, reciting I love you like national anthem, do it different, let’s your loved one head swell , making you feel like one Russian ambassador or you soak your own self in self love, don’t let those love birds give you heart attack.

I have more goodies in store for you , there is no end to what you can do or learn here, Annshub got you covered, be free to ask questions in the comment section , just scroll down and fill in. This hub is designed for you, place your comments, copy the link and send to friends, let’s grow together.


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