Health is a crown on a well person’s head that only the ill person can see – Excerpt , The 5am club by Robert Sharma

I know we all can talk about dreams, goals, visions, amidst the hustling and bustling, the time talk, the mind games and all but if for a min our health is tampered with everything else fades away. Good health is the core of life itself, we can follow our dreams, survive each, celebrate our wins , douse the regrets of fire from failure, if our body and soul is healthy.

Just yesterday, I was down with Malaria and woosh, I was surprised at how I couldn’t even meet up with four over ten of the things of what I ought to do for the day,  and i didn’t even care about it all that  mattered was how the pills would work , how I would get my strength back and all , this really caused me to think and reshuffle my priorities. You need a peaceful mind, a loving and forgiving heart , a fruitful soul , and an healthy body above any goal. if these parts are intact then you can think of all others.

Put yourself on a watch all the time, don’t be lackadaisical about your health in the name of chasing money, if not you will use all your hard earned money to chase good health. Watch your body system, create enough time to sleep, eat good food please, rest well, don’t be a miser to your own self, go for checkups at least the ones you can afford, you are not too young or too old to have an health insurance, go on proper research and find one that suits you, be all aware of yourself, dispel whatsoever takes peace away from you, in fact distant yourself from whosoever has chosen to become a thorn in your peace. I know some of us might be fine in our body but sick at heart, that one is worse for no drugs can heal us except balms of healing we draw from ourselves, so please heal.

Today is all we’ve got, tomorrow is never promised,  so do what makes you happy now, be with who makes you happy, and above all, I pray God give us healing on every aching sides.

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