The supply of time is a daily miracle , in the realm of time , there is no aristocracy of wealth and no aristocracy of Intellect. – “Arnold Bennet , How to live 24 hours a day , 1908.”

“You wake up in the Morning and lo’, your purse is magically filled with 24 hours of the in manufactured tissue of the universe of your life , it is yours – Arnold Bennet , How to live 24 hours in a day , 1908.

Where we are now?

Though this book was written in 1908 with Arnold Bennet being one of the highest paid British writer in the 1920’s, it still establishes the fact that time is you specific so what you do with it and who you spend it with is you specific for our present time.

Managing your time in a time as this!

In an increasingly distracting world that we find ourselves, who daily struggle to sincerely make most of our time.

It seems we are being drawn by our excessive bad habits of too much of the easy way out, movies, scrolling on Quora, taking screenshots on Instagram of things you would never go over again, mindless chatting, being everywhere and really nowhere then it is vital that we find better ways of helping ourselves to grow, thrive and enjoy our 24 hours.

What we can do.

Schedule your priorities, don’t prioritize your schedule

Try not to  go through your 24 hours like it’s just one of those days, you need to take time to reflect on the kind of growth you want in your life and do just that one thing that will take you closer to it. Tiny efforts daily has the indispensable capacity of remarkable results.

Fighting the Constant war of distraction.

The daily war against distraction is inevitable. Everything is fighting for your attention, social media, chats, new movie updates, BBNaija latest sagas, personal issues , everything around you is trying to distract so to build anything meaningful and valuable you must be able to know when you stop.

Power of Concentration

24 hours right, how about you break it into small chunks of course not overlooking life issues will seep in and things would come up , but just break your work in chunks.

It might be read for 2 hours or take that online class for 1 hour, whatever it is, stay through those hours without any distraction.

Be around with yourself

Life nudges at us to just enjoy the daily miracles.
To enjoy nature, to take break from the internet frenzy , the negative spiral thoughts, our heavy dependence on the future while we let the present fade away and the constant login into social media account like the World would collapse if we don’t and just be around with ourselves, take time to reflect, enjoy quality time with those we love, go to places we can afford.

We have just one life and it would do us great good if we live well.

Your growth matters💜🦋


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