To all the women out there, keeping it strong, wining in your own stride, making the world a beautiful place for us to live in, to all the women out there, keeping it all spicy, adding sweet fragrance in every beautiful way, to all the women out there, constantly taking a drive out of that fear and limitation, using those tears as a tool to being better, not backing down when the whole world seems against you, to all the women out there setting standards, creating values, helping others, I duff my hat and say thank you.

You are more than amazing, to all the beautiful brides who needs not wedding gowns to prove it, to the awesome mothers who needs not childbearing to prove it, well done.

Everyday is women’s day. We are fighters, we are winners, we are the standard, we are women and we deserve every good thing that comes your way. Never feel less, go for you, be unapologetically you, there is so much uniqueness to you than what you see, don’t limit yourself.

To all the women fighting secret battles, the ones who find solace in the dark, trying to hard to find light, to the ones whose smile hides a thousand frowns and sadness, to the ones who struggle to find who they really are, battling with comparison like a plague, to the ones who think others are already all they can ever be, its time you put an end to all of these, its time for a change, its time to heal. You are stronger than you think , there is only one of you , be it, you are a powerful force to reckon with, own it, don’t limit yourself what others have achieved, we have not seen the dimension of you yet, so the world is still waiting for you,  wipe those tears, let them become strength, eradicate all pains and let joy find you.

To all the men out there, who sure knows how to treat a woman real good, giving her all the cares that comes with being a queen, believing in her dreams and supporting her, you are the real deal.

Oh! to all the women out there, your worth is far more than rubies….

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