They say I know a lot

They say I am now the forbidden

They say I am too exposed

That I have done the deed so many times and I have lost count

They just don’t know, that I was once a little girl, with only eyes for ice cream

Until  Uncle R rolled his thing all over me

I the little one whose virgin land he laid desolate

With little hope for living and dreams shattered

On that very day, he thought he touched a part, but the fact is he killed a life

Now I have grown with time

But that very day I can’t seem to shut out

I am giving myself to healing and I hope I will be fine

But I have questions for you Uncle R

Are you married now?

Do you have kids now?

Do you have a girl child?

Do you know you have a part of me with you?

But I will still be fine, be fine for me and all others out there like me

I know you stole a part of me, but I think its high time I rebuild my life




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