You know how you fall in love, the whole mushy feelings, “your credit is finished, let me call you back, dont worry I will borrow credit” , the holding of hands, the promises of unending friendship, the sweet early morning messages , the gifts, warm hugs, cozy hookups, blah blah and then all of a sudden , boom nothing again, its like you are all growing apart, you will racking your brain to know what exactly went wrong. Well that’s not my concern actually, my main concern is how you end things , some people will just walk away from relationships without saying a word, like i dont get, like the other person is a toy , without emotions or mind.

If you want to end things with somebody, sit down with them and talk things out, let them know, don’t just leave them like that, and they would be guessing whether they are still needed by you or not. Its totally unfair.

Make it official, I didn’t say post on your WhatsApp group page or become motivational speaker , I mean have intelligent adult conversation with one another, don’t just leave like that or make anyone feel like they are an afterthought, it is not mature at all. You both made a choice to be together before, so now that you don’t feel the same way anymore, let the other person be aware , and come clean, stop holding on and letting go at the same time, know its someone’s emotions amd state of mind that is at stake, please have some dignity.

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