Comparing yourself to others on any level hinders you from living fully. It is one of the ways we shortchange our life. It is intriguing that you know you shouldn’t compare yourself with another person but you just can’t help it.

The sad part of comparison is that it doesn’t come alone. The moment you start comparing yourself to another, you begin to find yourself in a web of bitterness, resentment, jealousy , anger and feeling so less of yourself and unmotivated. It is like buy one, get one free.

What you must know is, it is not the end of life. it is not only you who feel this way, but I must say it is not a place to stay forever. You deserve to be happy , to follow your dreams and know they are valid. You ought to be free and only you can unlock yourself.

Have you ever asked yourself, why am I comparing myself with this person?

We compare ourselves for different reasons and it is most times more prevalent when we are not focused on our dreams, working on ourselves. In moments when we are doubting our ability, misplacing our priorities and feeling not enough for the job to be done. It occurs when our eyes are everywhere else except on our own plate.

We begin to think like this; Look at him, he is doing better than me, he is reading good books, he has good things, his life is moving forward and I am just here.

The unfair part of this judgment we bring upon ourselves is we usually compare others strength to our weaknesses, so where is the place of your strength?

If you want to really catch your breathe and live truly, you need to stop and know help is just around the corner.

Living life on your terms : Tips on how to stop comparing yourself.

You are different.

Yes, you are different from others in all levels. The first step to recognizing this difference is giving attention to your strength and weaknesses, forgiving and loving yourself absolutely.

Don’t stop comparing yourself…

This seems a little off right, yes , what I mean is, don’t stop comparing yourself to yourself. Does it make sense now?. Compare you with you. Who you were and who you want to be. It would give you a growth focus.

Have a goal and work on it.

Goal is a dream on motion, you have to keep working on your dreams if you don’t have one, consciously work towards having one and see that you achieve it.

Speak good words.

I love  mantra. I say good words to myself about myself. It works because I always feel better and motivated.

Say to yourself : I am special, I am amazing, I am not a mistake, I am not a mess, I am miracle and my dreams are valid.

Be unapologetically you, stop comparing yourself to others.

Stop yourself

Yes the best way to stop is to stop. The truth is you would meet people who would be far better than you are. You don’t have to kill yourself over that. Instead of comparing ,you can use it as a motivation to drive yourself forward.

Thoughts & Feelings.

Our feelings are good pointers to what we are thinking of. A girl daydreaming of her Prince Charming will surely have a smile on her face.

So ask yourself, what are my thoughts?, analyze them if they are good , think upon them if they are bad, dispel them.

I recommend Maximizing your potentials by Myles Monroe.

You deserve to be happy so live happy.




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