One must make a decision but which way ?


One must make a decision but which way ?

I felt it in my gut that something was going wrong, first of all, ogbonna soup doesn’t take this long, this thing I am cooking now, may look like the soup, it tastes good too, the abundance of obstacles in it is powerful but it is not drawing.

I have 5 persons waiting to eat, the semovita i made is in the plate covered, my aunt is going up and down like a nurse doing ward round. This soup feels like vegetable and I knew I have made a bad decision by guessing I could cook ogbonna soup.

Now this was a bad decision at the wrong time. Who would save my face?

Let me save what happened for later, but just it took a piece of my esteem and I have learnt lessons , try my ogbonna soup next time, I make the best.

Is there anyone perfect , no!, we all make mistakes, I count myself to have made few bad decisions I sincerely wished I didn’t make, neither can I talk about, but I have learnt to live with them, yes and also lock them away in the secret box of my heart, even if they come back again to my memory I don’t bow my head in shame and I just quickly remind myself that I got better.

I just tried on a lighter mode with my ogbonna soup experience, decisions cost us so many things some will make us wish we never met some people in our next, we spend so much time replaying how , why,  asking questions but  so I am of the opinion that if you can’t change what happened, change what happens next and that is exactly where we stand still.

The fear of making another wrong decision cripples our life. I have a friend that was jilted , this crumbled her entire world, now she has decided to be a major contributor to wreck any good relationship. She is working out things for herself the very wrong way.

How do bad decisions come to play:

Guess work: There are things we think we can do in quote!, yes I know you can but some things needs certain skills and learning process and you can’t jump the line and still expect the best result.

Not trusting our instinct. Kinda of somewhere in your gut you knew something would not be right yet you ignored it.

Peer pressure. The people that are close to you have certain influence over you. Know when you are passing your boundary.

Other’s thoughts:  Truly I would have saved myself the shame that came with ruining dinner if I honestly said I couldn’t make the soup, but what my aunt would say or think of me coupled with my ego did the magic.

Not seeking  the right advice and sieving findings afterwards or asking for help.

Just to mention a few though, it doesn’t end there.

What next

But with your life , you make a few bad decisions, get unlucky a few times, whatever, but you have to keep moving right? ~ Cecelia Ahem.

After a bad decision has been made, irrespective of the cost we have to pay whether long or short. Learn to put it behind you and move forward. Don’t put your life on a hold for a mistake you can’t change. Being better than who you were when you made that mistake is the best payback you can ever give yourself.

Yes we have to live with it, we can’t erase it, but we can use it in checkmating ourselves.


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5 thoughts on “We are not our mistakes but we become our decisions.

  1. I have learnt a lot from trying, I have failed a lot of times and lost a lot, but if I hadn’t ever tried then I would never have acquired many lessons.
    Thanks for this and I laughed at your ogbono, lol, I need a taste of your new ogbono skills. Lol.

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