I believe everyone of us have had a fair share of their doses of procrastination , some take the whole dosage while others are managing two tablets per day, but whichever way , we need to understand that procrastination is not just a thief of time but also dreams and identity.

Procrastination is duly fueled by laziness and there are so many things they both can make happen in your life. It up to you to choose whether to keep allowing them or intentionally and consistently drive them out.


No one in the history of procrastination has ever gotten a result, because you keep piling work up and because you are waiting for deadline and when it finally comes , you put yourself on pressure and end up not being productive. In procrastination , there is no work and therefore result.

Love language

The love language of procrastination is “I will do it later”, well, later never ends and later also becomes too late. You will just realize the deadline for the job has passed, the duration to fix the situation is over, the opportunity that seemed like it was only for you has been given to another and you are right where you started with nothing, just carrying placards of sweet vision that you are not doing anything about.


Procrastination is a terminator of dreams, goals, plans, relationships, friendship oh yeah, anything it lays it hands on never remains the same again, the end is always terrible. The sweet nectar from the juice of procrastination is pleasure, more sleep, more self time, more gist, more of everything that will not grow you and less of everything that would add value.

So what would procrastination do for you, it would give you the comfort that invites danger.

So I love to procrastinate what do I do?

Don’t be ruled by feelings, most times how we feel is what ruins everything, let your drive home point rather be  what needs to be done.

How important a thing is, is equals the attention and time given to it, so let your dreams, goals and your burning desire for growth help you build resistance against procrastination, and if you don’t have a plan before get one and work towards achieving it, no matter how small.

Don’t be idle, by this I don’t mean get yourself with all the unnecessary activities in the name of I need to do something, I mean tailor your day in a way that at it end, you will have a line up of productive steps taken. Never run your day without a plan.
There is still time. No, there is no time, I don’t mean start fidgeting and living your life in fear and haste for the unknown, I mean be aware that time is no one’s friend and what you do with it, is exactly what you get.

Be determined , be disciplined. Join the INON club, it’s now or now club. Do it now that you can.

If there are other ways you know, never be to shy to share.




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