What drives us is expressed in the result we get. If Procrastination , the arch enemy of growth is the force, the nothingness you get is the result thereof. Every of our reaction is first of, propelled by an action that’s why I find Isaac Newton’s third law of motion very useful not only in science but in human behavior.

Let’s have the Science talk, ever wondered what moves rockets through the air?, well, thrust does, thrust is the force that moves an aircraft through the air. Thrust is developed by the propulsion system of the aircraft and different types of engines develops thrust in different ways.

So what’s your thrust?, what causes you to move in a particular direction?, what makes you want to do more or do less?, who or what?. It is important that you look within you closely and answer yourself honestly because this would determine how far you would go in life or where you might end up.

Be quick to dispel every and any negative propeller, be positive, be intentional about your dreams, your growth. Our lives needs the right drive in the right direction and only we can make it work out and the earlier the better. Take a stand, upward or downward either ways a propeller is always available, pedal the bicycle of your life aright and you will surprised at the places you will get to.

Just imagine, having a very good car, excellently working engines and no tires, what a waste right?. Think about it

Since we are in the love season, feel free to write who or what propels you at the comment section, let’s learn together.

Happy New day!

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