The best moments are the ones you spend with yourself, because nobody can truly appreciate all that you are except you. In those times you have laid bare before yourself, searching the truth about your life, being aware that no one knows you more than yourself.

Looking back at who you were, what you’ve done, where you are now , what you have achieved so far, making a list of all the hindrances to what you have planned to do and your promises of good fight of growth , checking out the results you have at hand, you begin to wonder how you got it wrong , have you ever considered ” what would people say?”

In the name of how would people react?, what would they say?, how will they see me?, will I be accepted?, am I really making sense?, etc we have cheated ourselves of life opportunities. By people here I don’t mean, the whole nation, I mean those set of persons in your life that you have consciously or unconsciously subject your being to. Their opinions rules you which also ruins your uniqueness for you have let off every opportunity to fly high by sticking with their walking steps.

Out of 10 , we may be able to count up to 4 of those who  have a story relating to this,  every of  our hopes we have dashed with  our heads are bowed in pains of regrets as we grow older we realize no one rules our lives except us and only few has really taken that bold step to come forth and be more.

Some people have great business ideas, resources , location and the rest is not their problem but the simple yet destructive speculated idea of what people would think or say has washed away those great plans in the river of nothingness.

Don’t you get it!, people will always talk, we are humans we never run out of words, but you must start owing your life , your actions, your dreams, your plans, there is simply the best that you can do, not the best your friends can do or say, the best only you can do, ignore every other thing, respect yourself enough to trust yourself and let no one stop you from being you, you can do more.

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  1. I believe I’m the one being referred to here. Really got touched by this article. “Respect yourself enough to trust yourself and let no one stop you from being you, you can do more”

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