How do you feel when you are not accepted?,

How do you react to being turned down?

What does rejection mean to you?

I don’t feel comfortable about being rejected,  There is this feeling that churns my stomach, it almost like I want to use the ladies, whenever I intend going through with a goal, that might involve going out of my comfort zone, after few years I realized, I was only limiting myself.

I am beginning to learn the other side of rejection, beyond the norms of not being accepted as regards what you offer and feeling dejected or disappointed afterwards. I view it in the light of a purifier of desires. How bad do you want it?, how important is it to you?, what would it cost to stop you?, well if it takes a rejection then you didn’t really want it.

This is not to downplay your goals , and all the efforts made but just a push towards not giving up.

Rejection can show you if you really want something,because if you want it so badly, you won’t give up just yet. Don’t get  tired when being rejected,  Instead tighten your seatbelts, the ride is about to get wild!.

It is time to re- strategize and try again. No backing down. Don’t allow fear to cripple you, just keep doing, getting better and one day if you stay through and use those rejections as encouragement, you will get the expected results.

Rejection is a challenge that tagged you, jump in and win!.


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