Having bagged a degree in Russian language , four year don waka as they often say, I am a bit suprised that I studied the course, I’m just amused at myself, and its one of my propellers in life, because I’m always like if I can go to the university , study a foreign language as unique as Russian, I don’t think there is anything I can’t do if I set my heart at it. I didn’t know how weird it was to other people that I was studying a foreign language until I gained admission into the university.

You will be hearing all sorts of questions, some just out of sheer curiosity and innocence which is quite understandable , while some outrightly annoying, you will be hearing questions like, Russian language which kind of course is that one, why not law or English, like if you don’t study law you can’t make it in life, and some will even say where will you work like this, and while I’m trying to explain, they give me this pitiful look, it is so annoying, like no oh  I will work in your father’s farm, mtchewww, or you will hear, ah Russian that country that have bomb, or you will see someone trying to talk wierd, in my mind , I’m like will you keep quiet.

You see don’t judge what you don’t understand, and if you are ignorant about a particular thing, just go and study, don’t voice any opinion from your ignorance, you will only show how little you know, ask reasonable questions and you will be given the right answers. Oh well, Russian language itself has helped me a whole lot, gave me my first opportunity to see a whole new world, made me see life in another way, gave me an edge over other people , most times I don’t even bother to hide my dairy, for my main secrets, you know now, are in Russian , so good luck with that.

Aside all the tantalizing goodies I have for you in this category, it will also be your first stop to learning Russian language in the most endearing way. The best of you I’m always after.



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