The mind is a core of being human, we are framed by the condition of our minds, if our mind is in a happy state, it reflects in our behavior.

Here are few tips on how to keep a healthy mind, and its not a think to ink things, it is experiential and experience as they say is the best teacher.

A forgiving spirit

One of the ways to purify your mind is always deciding to forgive and let go , no matter what, some persons have lost their peace because of this, they just always look and act angry, confused, bitter. Life is too short to hold grudges, and only few know that forgiveness is even for themselves before other persons. When you forgive a wrongdoing, you have just freed yourself before freeing another. So from today choose to forgive, let go and then experience the rush of peace and pleasure that caresses your mind.

Some quiet

Being the talking type, I never truly experienced the tranquillity that comes with silence until I began to consciously bring myself to it. Practicing silence calms your mind, just clear your mind, take good deep breathe, avoid thinking, just keep it blank, be quiet and the mind begins to accommodate some useful serenity, trust me, it is very nice. By the way, silence helps you listen more, and it is always better to speak less and listen more. Sometimes all you need is some quiet.

Meaningful reflection.

Some find it really hard to reflect , they are always so conscious of today and tomorrow, that they don’t take few times to look back and re- strategize, emphasis on meaningful please, it is a different thing to reflect and another thing to reflect on that which matters , so those seemingly irrelevant issues please stay clear, rather fix your mind that those lessons you have learnt, those quality conversations and brood on how to make use of them in order to make better decisions, let your mind thank you.

Sieve those thoughts.

Our mind is an open sea, anything can come in, if you allow it, I’m sure you would be surprised at some things you think of, or the thoughts that runs through your mind. Sometimes my thoughts keeps my mouth open, I’m like did I actually think like that?, so learn to sieve your thoughts. Watch what comes into your mind , be very quick to erase or block any unhealthy thoughts, because thoughts are powerful, they can become actions, so be careful.

Good music.

Oh my !, this works for me like magic, music will always be the food of the soul mehn, so keep that earpiece plugged in, not on the road oh, egunegun be careful, have a good dance, free yourself, shake that body, make noise but don’t disturb the neighbours, lean into the moment, and let your mind rest well.

Do what you love.

If you love to to swim, go and swim, if you love football, create time for it, if you love to dance, dance, if its singing, sing aloud, if you love to read, get books and read them, if it is talking, well, do the smart talk, if you enjoy spending time with friends, have nice hang outs, whatever you love to do that is healthy, good, do it, emphasis on healthy, hmmmm.

Give yourself good treats, its not until you are with friends, take yourself out, spend on yourself as you can afford to. It sure helps.

Saturate your mind with good words , say the right things, think the right things, speak good words to yourself, praise yourself, yeah , say kind , loving words about yourself to you and do that always, it boost your self esteem and that’s good for your mind.

Be your own guardian angel.

Yes, you know how guardian angels, watch over , protect, assist, do that for your mind. Stand as an angel over Angel, allow only what is good and right in, disallow whatever will take your peace and joy away. Don’t be a dustbin where people can drop all their rubbish.


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